How many used cars are normally available in your Inventory?2020-08-27T06:41:45+00:00

Usually, we have more than a thousand used cars in our inventory in China and Djibouti.

What payment methods can be accepted?2020-08-27T06:42:31+00:00

We only accept payment by T/T to our designated bank account. Sometimes, L/C can be accepted.

FOB vs. CIF2020-08-27T06:43:10+00:00

If the price is in FOB, you will pay the cost of freight transport, insurance, clearance fee, import duty, unloading, transportation from the arrival port to the final destination, and any other fee which may occur due to the import regulations of your country.

If the price is in CIF, you can omit freight transport and insurance for the above charges.

Do you inspect the cars before shipping?2020-08-27T06:45:32+00:00

All the cars are inspected before shipping.

How long can I receive the car?2020-07-28T09:04:21+00:00

It is hard to tell you exactly the time as it depends on the shipping schedule. Your car will be shipped as soon as possible. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks after loading.