General data

Type and appplication 车辆类型

Luxury coach





Front/rear overhang(mm)前后悬


Angle of approach/departure(°)接近角、离去角


Kerb weight/GVW(kg)净重




Turning circle(m)转弯半径




Fuel tank capacity(L)油箱容积


Min.Ground clearance(mm)最小离地间隙


1.0 Driveline 

1.1 Engine 发动机


1.2 Type 形式

Six cylinders, inter-cooling 直列六缸 增压中冷

Direct injection, turbocharging

1.3 Position位置

Rear 后置

1.4 Displacement(L)排量


1.5 Max.output(hps/rpm)最高输出


1.7 Type of power 燃油类型

Diesel 柴油

1.8 Emission standard 排放标准

Euroiv 欧4

2.0 Chassis

2.1 Front axle 前桥

Neoplan Independent Front Axle 尼奥普兰独立悬挂前桥

2.2 Drive axle 驱动桥


2.3 Transmission 变速箱

ZF manual gear box 

2.4 Steering 转向系统

Recirculated ball hydraulic powered steering 液压动力转向

2.5 Braking 制动系统

ABS,Double circuit airbrake,F/R disc brake ABS双回路气压制动 前后桥盘式刹车

Shoe plate’s clearance auto-adjustment 刹车间距自动调整

2.6 Suspension system

Adjustable air suspension 可调空气悬挂


Telescopic hydraulic shock absorber 筒式液压减震器


Rear Neoplan A-type beam structure  后置NEOPLAN A型臂

3.0 Bodywork


3.1 Structure 结构

Monocoque 全承载


3.2 Body work frame 车身结构

Seamless steel pipe 无缝钢管焊接


3.3 Side panels 侧边结构

Galvanized steel 镀锌管


3.4 Door arrangement 车门排布

1+1,front  pneumatic outward-swing door with hand-protected design前门车门外摆,防夹设计

Luggage door 行李舱门


3.5 Driver 驾驶员

 luxury driver’s seat with three-point belt 带三点式安全带豪华司机椅


3.6 Flooring 地板

12mm plywood flooring with anti-slip PVC coating 12毫米厚竹胶板加防滑PVC地板革


3.7 Defrost system 除霜

Yes 带除霜





3.8 A/C空调

Neoplan NE32


3.9 Windows车窗

Safe, tempered, pasted, tinted


3.10 Tyre轮胎

295/80R 22.5


4.0 Interior decoration


4.1 Color 颜色

Soft light内饰颜色浅色


4.2 Dashboard仪表台

Luxury 豪华


4.3 Video system 影音系统

With LCD,Microphone,audio


4.4 Monitor system 监视系统

Yes 带摄像头


4.5 Passenger seat 座位  

49 seats 49座


4.6 Curtain 窗帘

With 带窗帘


4.7 toilet 厕所

NO 不带


4.7 luggage rack 行李架



The remaining 10 unit

We cooperate with top international logistics companies and provide customized, cost-effective international logistics services.

· Sea transportation: a variety of logistics methods, such as container, RORO ship and other shipping methods, covering Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, etc.

· Railway transportation: take advantage of the CR Express to Europe, Central Asia and countries along “the Belt and Road”.

· Automobile transportation: use automobiles to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

1.How many used cars are normally available in your Inventory?

Usually, we have more than a thousand used cars in our inventory in China and Djibouti.

2.What payment methods can be accepted?

We only accept payment by T/T to our designated bank account. Sometimes, L/C can be accepted.

3.FOB vs. CIF

If the price is in FOB, you will pay the cost of freight transport, insurance, clearance fee, import duty, unloading, transportation from the arrival port to the final destination, and any other fee which may occur due to the import regulations of your country.

If the price is in CIF, you can omit freight transport and insurance for the above charges.

4.Do you inspect the cars before shipping?

All the cars are inspected before shipping.

5. How long can I receive the car?

It is hard to tell you exactly the time as it depends on the shipping schedule. Your car will be shipped as soon as possible. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks after loading.