Sinotruk Howo 375 Tractor Truck

Sinotruk Howo 375 Tractor Truck

Global UCAR specializes in selling used cargo cars of SINOTRUK HOWO 375

Type: Tractor

Dimension (mm): 6800*2496*3670

Total Mass of Traction (kg): 40000

Emission Standard: Euro 3

Gearbox/Transmission: Manual,12+2


Type Tractor
Seats 3
Steering Left
Dimension (mm) 6800*2496*3670
Wheelbase(mm) 3200+1400
Max Speed (km/h) 90
Driving Mode 6×4
Max Load (kg) 25000
Total Mass of Traction (kg) 40000
Engine WD615.96E
Displacement(L) 9.726
Allowable Load of Rear Axle (kg) 18000
Speed Ratio of Rear Axle 4.42
Number of Springs 9/12
Number of Wheels 10
Wheel Specification 12.00R20
Fuel Type Diesel
Max Horsepower(ps) 375
Max Power (kw) 276
Max Torque(N.m) 1500
Max Torque Speed(rpm) 1000-1600
Emission Standard Euro 3
Gearbox/Transmission Manual,12+2


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We cooperate with top international logistics companies and provide customized, cost-effective international logistics services.

· Sea transportation: a variety of logistics methods, such as container, RORO ship and other shipping methods, covering Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, etc.

· Railway transportation: take advantage of the CR Express to Europe, Central Asia and countries along “the Belt and Road”.

· Automobile transportation: use automobiles to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

The best cargo trucks for 2021

What are the best-used trucks in 2021 FAW Jiefang J6M heavy truck 4X2, FAW Jiefang J6M heavy truck 6×2,

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Tianlong VL Heavy Truck 6X2, Sinotruk Haohan N5G Tractor truck 8X4, Sinotruk Howo 375 Tractor Truck, etc.For more second-hand trucks, please visit our second-hand truck Catalog:



Points for attention in purchasing second-hand freight trucks


Note 1: purchase channel

In order to reduce the risk of being cheated when buying trucks, it is better to buy in the regular second-hand car market. The regular second-hand car market has a series of one-stop services, such as sales, testing, transfer, after-sales, and has a business license and a clear charging standard. It’s better not to trust the car sources of some small channels or private car dealers because cheating consumers often happens in these irregular car purchasing channels.


Note 2: Truck condition

The most important thing to buy a second-hand truck is the condition of the truck. For the truck, because it needs to be heavily loaded, the clutch and brake are very easy to wear and tear parts, which need to be inspected. Some trucks will also be equipped with a hydraulic strut mechanism. It is also necessary to check whether these mechanisms have oil leakage and whether their functions are normal. In order to fix the goods or increase the use of some trucks, they will refit the vehicles, such as increasing the fence or changing the warehouse. These refits usually seem to have no problems, so they are easy to be ignored. In fact, they have changed the appearance and technical parameters of the vehicles, and they can’t pass the vehicle inspection when they transfer ownership. Therefore, when purchasing the trucks, they should check the photos and photos of the driving license Parameters.


Note 3: Truck transfer

Many second-hand trucks are attached to the name of the company, which is commonly known as the public car. Because the transfer procedures of public cars are troublesome and they have to pay for them, many people are willing to let their cars continue to be registered under the company name instead of their own name. But it should be noted that if the vehicle does not go through the transfer procedures, then the owner of the vehicle registration is still the company. When the company has property problems, such as the property is mortgaged by the bank, then the vehicle will also be mortgaged, which will bring unnecessary trouble. According to the previous examples, the final need to go through litigation and many twists and turns to get the car back, this process is far more expensive and time-consuming than a transfer procedure.

1.How many used cars are normally available in your Inventory?

Usually, we have more than a thousand used cars in our inventory in China and Djibouti.

2.What payment methods can be accepted?

We only accept payment by T/T to our designated bank account. Sometimes, L/C can be accepted.

3.FOB vs. CIF

If the price is in FOB, you will pay the cost of freight transport, insurance, clearance fee, import duty, unloading, transportation from the arrival port to the final destination, and any other fee which may occur due to the import regulations of your country.

If the price is in CIF, you can omit freight transport and insurance for the above charges.

4.Do you inspect the cars before shipping?

All the cars are inspected before shipping.

5. How long can I receive the car?

It is hard to tell you exactly the time as it depends on the shipping schedule. Your car will be shipped as soon as possible. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks after loading.