1.外部结构External structure

威猛极光时刻牵动视线Aurora-green coloring,always catch your eyes


Renewal and upgrade Aurora-green painting and classical modular covering create an eye-catching visual impact.加固升级大臂设计Reinforced Boom


The strengthened and thickened key stress points of Boom and large section structure design can make the Boom withstand the tremendous pressure brought by the construction effortlessly.

2.减阻扩容加固铲斗Low-resistance and large- capacity bucket


In order to search the best cutting angle of the bucket in the excavation process, we conducted many excavation simulations and developed the  D-ARCS low-resistance  and large- capacity bucket for mines. The imported NM400 wear-resistant steel plate is used, and the wear part and guard plate of the bucket are thickened and reinforced for the mine, which greatly increased the life of the bucket and comprehensive fuel consumption.

3.底盘系统加固设计Reinforced undercarriage


The thickness of the plate for the key wear parts has been increased and the imported wear-resistant steel plate is adopted. The lengthened and widened mine-used chassis and track ,the X -frame type undercarriage and optimized layout of the track roller together with the mine-type reinforced upper frame and front linkage have increased the stability of the machine and the reliability of the components greatly.

4. 超优性能,超优寿命Super Performance, long Life span


Advanced electrical control system and optimized power matching lowered the fuel consumption rate and significantly improved operation efficiency and fuel efficiency. Besides, the three work modes can be matched optimizedly according to working conditions, which improves the operation efficiency and saves energy at the same time. Pumps, valves, cylinders, reducers, fuel tanks and cabs all have undergone rigorous durability tests, doubling the design life. The efficiency is increased by 8% and the fuel consumption is reduced by 10%.

5.超强适应性Strong adaptability


2.55M short arm and 3.187M standard arm are available for selection and hydraulic hammer lines are equipped. Multi-stage filtering system is assembled to provide top-level protection for the engine. The cooling system is increased to keep the machine working at an optimum temperature.

We cooperate with top international logistics companies and provide customized, cost-effective international logistics services.

· Sea transportation: a variety of logistics methods, such as container, RORO ship and other shipping methods, covering Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, etc.

· Railway transportation: take advantage of the CR Express to Europe, Central Asia and countries along “the Belt and Road”.

· Automobile transportation: use automobiles to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

1.How many used cars are normally available in your Inventory?

Usually, we have more than a thousand used cars in our inventory in China and Djibouti.

2.What payment methods can be accepted?

We only accept payment by T/T to our designated bank account. Sometimes, L/C can be accepted.

3.FOB vs. CIF

If the price is in FOB, you will pay the cost of freight transport, insurance, clearance fee, import duty, unloading, transportation from the arrival port to the final destination, and any other fee which may occur due to the import regulations of your country.

If the price is in CIF, you can omit freight transport and insurance for the above charges.

4.Do you inspect the cars before shipping?

All the cars are inspected before shipping.

5. How long can I receive the car?

It is hard to tell you exactly the time as it depends on the shipping schedule. Your car will be shipped as soon as possible. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks after loading.