There is an enormous demand for automobiles. The car sale industry is a giant industry in the world, especially in China. Last year, more than 4.32 million commercial vehicles and 21.44 million passenger cars were sold in China [1]. The sale of cars in China has been skyrocketing since 2008. According to data published on Cision PR Newswire, by the end of the year 2025, China used car market is expected to reach $385 Billion [2].


The market for used cars in China is growing at an unprecedented rate since the last decade, so do countries worldwide. This growth is due to the rapid growth of online channels in the automobile industry. A variety of vehicles are sold, such as sedans, SUVs, trucks, buses, pickup, trailers, motorcycles, but studies have shown that the younger generation prefers to buy sedans and SUV cars. According to recent studies, the sale of SUVs is expected to triple in the next 10 years [2].


The biggest things that people consider upon buying a used car are the condition of the vehicle, a reduced and lower cost. When you want to buy a vehicle, you need a good dealer. And you are most likely to encounter dozens of dealers of used cars, but not everyone is trustworthy. You will face many challenges; some of those challenges include:

-Lack of integrity

-Insufficient stock and capital reserves

-No proper policies and regulations

-No evaluation criteria for used cars


As there are hundreds of dealers out there in the market, now the question is whom to trust? Global-Ucar is one of the rising stars in the global used car market. Let me tell you why you should choose Global-Ucar as your used car dealer.


Global-Ucar is a pioneer in the vehicle dealing business and has also built overseas used car warehouses and trade center in Djibouti, East Africa. In 2019, Global-Ucar achieved the qualification of the first batch pilot enterprises in the country for the used car export business. Moreover, we have got the largest volume of exports. Dealt in every type of vehicle and with more than 1000 used vehicles in stock, Global-Ucar can confidently claim that we have got the right type of vehicle at the most reasonable price for you.


Instead of the above mentioned, you still have to know the essential conditions you should look for when buying used vehicles.


  1. Possess a huge network of contacts and sufficient capital reserves

A used car dealer has established a huge contact network and reliable partners, which will bring him high-quality supply channels. If he can connect with ports, banks, shipping companies, large logistics companies, and automobile companies, all of these connections and capital reserves can guarantee you the best purchase experience and investment security. Besides, a reliable used car supplier should also have a mature delivery service, such as providing the fastest delivery service for more than 100 countries in the world.


  1. Possess professional vehicle evaluation skills

This is one of the most important conditions upon buying a used vehicle. Due to the lack of a professional vehicle evaluation system, the buyer faces many challenges. Second-hand car dealers need to have several qualified purchasing bases and professional maintenance centers to ensure the condition of the car you buy so as to give you the best condition and the most reasonable price. Qualified used car dealers will evaluate the car according to different standards and provide you with the best trading experience because they have the ambition to become the number one and most reliable dealer in the market.


  1. Possess a reliable image of professional authority

This is yet another most important condition that applies upon buying a used vehicle. The company with which you are doing the business should possess a reliable image of professional authority. You have to make sure that the second-hand car dealer you want to cooperate with is one of the most experienced dealers in the market and has the most reliable professional authority. If you know that he has delivered millions of cars and established a long-term relationship with these customers, he may become your long-term partner in the future.


Upon evaluating the three essential conditions for used car dealers, Global-Ucar clearly satisfies all the conditions. Global-Ucar provides all the benefits to a customer that is expected from a dealer. Having diversified purchase channels, rich foreign trade channels, reliable logistics, warehousing, and transportation service, and a much more mature transaction system, we can confidently claim that we are the pioneer in the industry.