Everyone has his preferences when looking to buy a car especially a used car, but better features and performance are the hardest choices to choose from. Things are a bit easier when going for a new car as they have better features and improved engine performance. However, a used car is also a good option in this regard as new cars start depreciating the moment they leave a dealership. It is estimated that the value of a car decreases by as much as 30% in the first year alone. Therefore, second-hand cars are becoming an attractive option for a wide number of car buyers as the prices of new cars rise with each passing day.

No matter how good a used car is, there are times when you have to make a compromise in certain areas. As mentioned earlier, one of the most difficult choices one has to make is between better features or more performance. Sometimes, the choice becomes so frustrating that buyers of used cars have to ultimately look towards cheap new cars. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on what to choose in between better features or more performance when buying a used car so that this confusion ends once and for all.


Enhanced performance may seem like a very enticing option for some used car buyers especially for young buyers, but a souped-up car presents several challenges compared to a car that is equipped with better features. This does not mean that a used vehicle with better options will never land you in troubles, but what this essentially means is that a high-performance car can get you stranded in the middle of a busy highway. This is because modern high-performance engines are usually smaller in size and their output is pumped up using superchargers or turbocharges, sometimes, these are also used in conjunction with gasoline direct injection (GDI). Turbochargers and superchargers pump the air at extremely high pressure, whereas a GDI system injects gasoline at very high pressure, sometimes in excess of 10,000 PSI.

The disadvantage of such a high-pressure injection of air & fuel mixture to the engine is that its life gets shortened, no matter how many high-quality materials were used to withstand the pressure of modern injection systems. There have been several cases where companies have to recall cars with such engines because they were causing too many problems for their owners. Moreover, oil dilution is a relatively new fault that has plagued many new Honda vehicles. The main cause behind this problem can also be attributed to the high-pressure injection system that was used to deliver more power output. But the new technique has backfired, the piston rings used in such an engine are unable to hold the high-pressure air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber properly.


Another huge disadvantage of a high-performance car is that it consumes a lot of fuel and thus its running cost also becomes high. The prices of gasoline are rising around the world and it would be foolhardy to buy a used car that provides exhilarating performance as this idea runs opposite to the very purpose of buying a second-hand car which is to save money.

On the other hand, a used car with better features is a safer option because it provides comfort and convenience at the same time, and in some instances can also provide better safety to occupants. Electronics also tend to go bad with the passage of time, but even a used car can mostly run perfectly fine with a faulty feature. Furthermore, most of the electronics won’t strand you in the middle of a busy road and you’ll still be able to enjoy your used car to the fullest.

Some features that used to be controlled via fragile electronic components have become much reliable with the passage of time and now many of them can easily operate for more than 100,000kms. Therefore, in conclusion to the above discussion, it is safe to say that a used car with better features is the right way to go, especially for buyers who want to keep their second-hand car for a long time.


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