Global-Ucar Took the Central Asia Special Train  (Guangzhou -Bishkek) of China Railway Express to Go Abroad for the First Time

On the afternoon of August 15, the first batch of used cars exported by Global-Ucar to Kyrgyzstan took the Central Asia special train (Guangzhou-Bishkek) of China Railway Express, departing from Dalang.

Central Asia is located along “The Belt and Road” and the used car market in this area has huge potential and broad prospects. As the leading service provider of used car export in China, Global-ucar has actively developed the layout of the used car market in Central Asia, and took the lead in exporting used cars to Central Asia via railway in Guangzhou. It not only serves the national “The Belt and Road” strategy, but also adds new development opportunities to seize more international markets.

The export of used cars through the CR Express, based on the advantages of prompt delivery and fast speed, will open up the customs clearance mode of used car export in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan will be taken as the bridgehead to drive the deep cultivation of the used car market in Central Asia. Meanwhile, it will help Global-Ucar enter the international field and enhance the international reputation.