Global-Ucar Technology Co., Ltd., Guangwu Automobiles Trade Co., Ltd. & PetroChina Guangzhou Sales Branch Reached A Tripartite Strategic Cooperation

On July 7, Global-Ucar Technology Co., Ltd., Guangwu Automobiles Co., Ltd. and Petrochina Guangzhou Sales Branch held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, Hu Hao, Chairman and General Manager of Global-Ucar, pointed out that this cooperation marks the emergence of a new ecosystem of integrated development of automobile trade circulation and car owners’ lives, which is conducive to sharing of car owners’ resources, broadening service scope and improving service efficiency. He said that the signing of the tripartite strategic cooperation framework agreement is an important step in future all-round cooperation and interaction. It is hoped that the three parties can take this opportunity to have more in-depth and comprehensive cooperation in the future, and create more successful business models and product models with the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, commercial innovation and resource collaboration, so as to achieve win-win between enterprises and users.

Huang Jiongbin, Chairman of Guangwu Automobiles Trade Co., Ltd., said that this cooperation is of far-reaching significance in resource integration and sharing. Guangwu automobiles trade has a large customer base and a good resource base. It is hoped that through this cooperation, the three parties can give full play to their respective advantages, create value and realize the cooperation effect of 1 + 1 + 1 which is far greater than that of three.

Chen Gang, Chairman and General Manager of PetroChina Guangzhou Sales Branch, said that PetroChina Guangzhou sales branch is committed to building an integrated ecosystem of people, vehicles and life, and gradually forming a marketing model based on oil sales and providing real services around the needs of customer groups. It is hoped that the three parties can give full play to their respective advantages, communicate with each other in sales channels, share in the publicity channel, and carry out all-round cooperation. 

The strategic cooperation with PetroChina Guangzhou Sales Branch and Guangwu Automobiles Trade is one of the important measures for Global-Ucar to broaden the vehicle source channel and improve service quality. Global-Ucar will take this cooperation as an opportunity and combine the advantages of all parties to continuously add value to customer service and promote the development of enterprises and industries.