The growth of online sales channels has changed the overall consumption of used cars globally, which is expected to have a huge attraction in terms of market sales. The global used car market is expected to reach 2150.6 billion US dollars by 2027. This is a six-fold increase over the past ten years and the numbers are estimated to grow with the passage of time. The pandemic has further accelerated the sales of pre-owned cars due to the economic slowdown and here we will guide you on which are the best-used cars to buy in 2021.

1. Toyota Corolla:

Everyone in the world is familiar with the name of Toyota Corolla and the reason is pretty simple. The sedan has one of the best reliability track records in the world and it also boasts a spacious interior and provides a comfortable ride. Toyota Corolla also contributes nearly 40% to the total sales of the company in China, which in turn means you will be able to find a lot of these used sedans in the market. Its prices can vary for different trim levels and the year of manufacture.


2. Nissan Sylphy:

Nissan Sylphy is one of the most popular names when it comes to the automotive market. The car has for years maintain a reputation for being one of the best budget-friendly and stylish cars in the market. Recently Nissan has launched its electric version which is a great option for people who are looking to step into the EV market. Moreover, Sylphy can also be a good choice for you if you think a Corolla is too boring and they don’t suit your personality.


3. Toyota Rav4:

People all over the world are shifting towards SUVs and the increasing investment in SUVs is also one of the key reasons to promote the demand for the used car market. In this regard, the Toyota Rav4 is a good choice if you are looking for a best-used SUV. The SUV has garnered a lot of praise throughout the world due to its attractive looks and class-leading reliability and therefore it has been classified as one of the best-used cars to buy in 2021. The Rav4 has all the characteristics of a sport utility vehicle including a strong powertrain which helps it to climb treacherous terrains easily. Moreover, the SUV is also available in a hybrid variant which greatly helps its fuel economy.


4. Honda Accord:

Honda Accord is a familiar name for Honda fans across the world and this is one of the reasons why the car has been listed on the list of best-used cars to buy in 2021. The new Accord features a turbocharged engine which is smaller in size than its previous versions, but it is equally capable. Moreover, a smaller engine means greater fuel economy and the presence of a turbocharger dramatically increases its performance figures. You can also opt for the older models of Accord if you are on a tight budget.


5. Wuling HongGuang mini EV:

The EV revolution has taken the whole world by storm and such vehicles have emerged as the biggest market in recent years. The Wuling HongGuang mini EV has become a hot selling electric car due to its attractive point. Although it only has a range of 124 miles and a top speed of 62mph, it still is the best used mini electric car to buy in 2021 due to its unbelievable price point.


6. Volkswagen Lavida:

For several years, Volkswagen has occupied the top positions in terms of the number of sales in China. The Lavida is a compact sedan that competes with the like of Toyota Corolla. The car has a stylish yet mature exterior that allows it to stand out from the rest of the cars. Moreover, its interior rhymes with the cars of its segment though it is a bit bland. It is available in several engine configurations and comes with a manual or a DSG transmission which for many people is better than a CVT. The VW Lavida may not be as reliable as a Corolla, but it certainly is one of the best-used cars to buy in 2021 due to its reasonable price and variety of features.


7. Tesla Model 3:

The Tesla Model 3 would be a perfect family EV to shift to if you are considering making such a change. The Model 3 is the brand’s most affordable vehicle and it has performed exceptionally well since it has been rolled off the factory floor in China. Furthermore, there are only minor quality issues in this model compared to the Model S & X and it is packed with whole a lot of innovative features. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that the Tesla Model 3 is one of the best used electric cars in 2021.


8. Honda CR-V:

Another Honda in the list of best used cars to buy in 2021 is the well-known CR-V. The 7-seater SUV has a good reputation all across the world for its dependability and spacious cabin. It is available in several variants and engine options which allows you to choose the right kind that best suits your needs. The mid-size SUV is the best choice for larger families as it is purposely built for that, and its rock-solid built quality will help it outlast any of its competitors. It would not be wrong to say that this is the best 7-seater used SUV available in the market right now.


9. Geely Boyue:

The Geely Boyue has performed exceptionally well in the local and some international markets as well. It is manufactured by the Chinese firm Geely and it is also known as Proton X70 in some other countries. Its powertrain has been developed in partnership with Volvo and possesses some unique qualities in its segment. The 3-cylinder 1.5L engine is a GDI engine that is turbocharged as well, it pushes out close to 180hp which is no mean feat. Moreover, the interior and exterior looks have been appreciated by several customers in various markets. The company offers a generous warranty on all of its components which also makes it one of the best-used cars to buy in 2021.


10.  Honda Civic:

Honda Civic is a tried and tested name in the automotive industry and it has ruled the hearts of enthusiasts for decades and it still continues to do so, all the while maintaining its reputation for excellent reliability that in some cases can outlast two hundred thousand miles. The Chinese market receives the same Civic as the rest of the world and it is a good alternative for the likes of Corolla. It has a sharper handling and power response and is made for drivers who like to push the boundaries. The new turbocharged engine punches out more horsepower than its predecessors and has excellent fuel efficiency at the same time. Don’t forget to consider this affordable sedan as this certainly is on the top of the list for best-used cars to buy in 2021.


· Verdict:

All of the above-mentioned cars enjoy a good reputation in the market and nearly all of them are sure to give a bang for your buck. The most important element in any used car is its quality and longevity and after extensive research, we have come up with this list of the top ten best-used cars to buy in 2021.

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