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Experienced Used Car Supplier

  • Top used car trading companies in China with more than 20 years’ experience.
  • A mature system with integrated business, logistics, information and capital resources to ensure used car export to the overseas used car dealers and customers.

Formal Purchasing Channels

  • Purchasing channels from the parent company of Global-Ucar, Guangdong GW Holding Group Co,.Ltd possessing 200+ 4S stores across China.
  • Owning a number of qualified procurement bases and professional maintenance centers.

Competitive Products

  • Various brands and all types of used car supply, such as sedan, SUV, truck, bus, pickup, etc.
  • All the used cars exported are up to standard with competitive prices.

Reliable Partner

  • Cooperation with top international logistics companies, ports, banks, etc. to provide the best services for the used car dealers and customers.
  • Our used cars can be shipped to 100+ countries efficiently.
  • The number of exporting used cars in 2019 has ranked to the top in China.  

Supports Provided

Cost-effective Products

Based on reliable and standard purchasing channels, we provide various brands of used cars with good qualities and reasonable prices.

Global Logistics

Used cars can be globally transported to Africa, Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, South America, etc. Our logistics ensures the used car dealers will receive the used vehicle as soon as possible.

Customer Support

Customer services are always ready to help our second-hand car dealers via phones and emails. We are your professional second-hand car consultant. 


Global-Ucar has a mature and comprehensive process specialized for the used car dealers and customers. Since Global-Ucar has established integration used car export system, we have high-efficient and standard process from inquiry & order to delivery & custom clearance to guarantee our second-hand car dealers’ goods arrival. We will also continue to serve you throughout the whole process. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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